Between us we have spent over 60 years studying, practicing and learning how to make love work for the long term.  Nic has written this book to make all that learning available to everyone.

It doesn’t offer simple solutions or easy answers.  It does offer clear and straightforward explanations about why sustaining a relationship is so challenging and how to thrive in the face of those challenges. It also gives you 60 exercises you can use to strengthen, deepen and enhance your relationship. 

To make it all more comprehensible, each chapter ends with a description of a couple that illustrates the key themes, followed by a summary of the chapter’s key points. 

If you’re an existing client you’ll find it an invaluable aid and prompt for our work together
If you’re a past client you’ll find it a reminder of all you learned in your sessions with us (and may even learn new things)
If you’ve never seen us – here’s a chance to learn a lot of what we know

Don’t just take our word for it.  Here’s what Ellyn Bader, the co-founder of the Developmental Model, had to say about the book.  “If you want a more satisfying relationship without having to seek therapy, this book can take you far.  And if you are considering therapy, read this book first.  You’ll save time and money.  In fact, this book is so good, many couple therapists can profit and learn from it”

Here’s the outline of what the book contains:

PART ONE: THE REALITIES OF RELATIONSHIP                                                      

Chapter 1: Home truths about relationships
Chapter 2: People in relationships need to grow
Chapter 3: Why it’s so scary and hard
Chapter 4: Relationship first aid                                                                            


Chapter 5: Manage your neurobiology
Chapter 6: Dealing with difference
Chapter 7: Attachment in adult relationships                                                       

PART THREE: BEING IN RELATIONSHIP                                                                 

Chapter 8: The influence of your insecurities
Chapter 9: Work on yourself
Chapter 10: Be a team player
Chapter 11: Learn to do conflict well
Chapter 12: Power dynamics and gender roles                                                     

PART FOUR: THE MOST COMMON AREAS OF DIFFICULTY                                  

Chapter 13: Boundaries
Chapter 14: What we spend our time on
Chapter 15: Sex, passion, eroticism and intimacy
Chapter 16: Money and its meanings
Chapter 17: Parenting as a team                                                                           

PART FIVE: THE HARD STUFF                                                                                 

Chapter 18: Infidelity in all its forms
Chapter 19: Are you safe? (And what to do if you’re not)
Chapter 20: Major stresses, losses and grief  

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