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We are experienced, friendly Psychologists who are national leaders in the field of relationship counselling and sex therapy.   For more about who we are see HERE.

Wherever you are in Aotearoa you can get top-level help for your relationship via video-conference. We have used video-conferencing for years to follow up our intensives so we are skilled and practised at working in this way.  We can offer individual therapy about relationships and sexual difficulties, and standard relationship therapy to help couples resolve problems and improve the quality of their respect, connection, and intimacy.

We work with people in relationships of all kinds (monogamous, open, polyamorous) and with people of all orientations (including kink) and gender identities.

Is the honeymoon over? Are you fighting a lot, or not talking? Have you drifted apart? Do you wonder how this person whom you have known so well could now seem like a stranger?

We have a radical and hope-filled approach to understanding how relationships work that can help with the most difficult issues that we face in trying to share our life with another human being. Like:

  • Conflict over money, sex, parenting, in-laws or ex-partners, lifestyle etc…
  • Sexual problems, difficulties and dysfunction
  • Affairs, infidelity and loyalty conflicts
  • “Communication” problems
  • Anger, hostility, withdrawal or sniping
  • Impact of ex-partners, in-laws etc
  • Dealing with life challenges (e.g. illness & disability, death & loss, changed circumstances)
  • Alcohol, drug or gambling problems
  • Separation and ending your relationship well
  • Parenting issues
  • Step-family issues
  • Or simply wanting your relationship to be better, richer, more rewarding relationship


We welcome you to contact us for more information.